Sunday, March 27, 2011

Snap Your Fingers Missoula

On Saturday night outside the door I found a suspicious package. My first instinct was to dispose of it as far away as I could in a metal container. My second instinct was "if you see something, say something" fucking MTA. I didn't listen to common sense, and I didn't listen government scare tactics. I opened it. Inside were a series of cards. "To Compliment the unique location and heighten your experience, PITCH kindly requests that you: SNAP YOUR FINGERS! rather than clap your hands" along with a photo of a boy running, his hat blown from his head. I checked around to see if there was more, if this was part of something more significant. Not a thing. After shaking off the feeling that I was about to uncover something from CSI: MONTANA I snapped this photograph. I was supposed to make a stop in Kellogg, Idaho tomorrow night. But I'm gonna investigate a little in Missoula, stick around and see if anything else pops up. If you see something let me know.

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