Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good Morning Butte

I spent last night in Butte. Woke up this morning to the most amazing snow. It's beautiful with the blue sky mixed with the snow now. I'd always wanted to see the Berkeley copper pit out here. It's simultaneously horrendous and amazing. Thinking of the history in it. The work. The tragedy. It's good to be on the road after a little reprieve in Cody the last couple days. I think I got sick from the party in Silt. Now the Montana kick. It's an enormous state, but luckily there's only about two towns I need to hit on this stretch. This afternoon I'm driving to Missoula. I've always wanted to see Missoula. I hear Hemingway kicked it there for a while. I've already gotten tips on the road of which bars to frequent, and which ones to steer clear. Also, everyone keeps blabbering on about this Rattlesnake wilderness area. If it's not too snowy I guess I'll check that out. Shit. Life gets dull when you're not blowing shit up. It's like the other 97% is spent picking out what to eat for breakfast and then not finishing it when it comes. I hope Butte has better breakfasts than Cody. I guess I'll find out when this waiter finally stops by the table. Today, just eggs.

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