Friday, March 4, 2011

The Garage in Pine Bluff

You ever notice how's the a kinetic feeling in a garage. Something magnetic like it's a holding cell for the brute force of horsepower. Last night we had to shake a group that got tipped off that we might be meeting in a basement just out side of downtown in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. We were stranded outside, and we saw an empty garage, so we just went inside, shut the mechanical door, and felt shielded by this odd sensation power in this little cube. The meeting was phenomenal. Somehow the unity of finding that garage and the security it had built up around us and we were off like a speeding bullet. I'll miss it there. The whole ordeal meant I had to find somewhere else to sleep, and I was so thankful I had my camping hammock. Found a couple trees off the road, hidden away a couple feet, and slept straight through the night. I felt the sun peaking out early this morning, and now I'm back on the road. Tomorrow: Texas.

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