Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bombs and Booze

Boy were we having a party last night! The hosts had some beer for our meeting in their old detached garage, and folks had a good time. I would usually say be careful when you mix your beer and liquor, and never mix your beer with explosives. But having had a little hint of it, so long as you don't light the explosives, and drink responsibly, I don't see why the combination can't be brilliant bloody idea. We sure were rockin and rollin all night long. I wind up getting dragged to a bunch of church services on the road (a.k.a. this morning!), and let me tell you, the churches in Colorado take the cake. Especially this morning in Silt. The spirit most definitely moves them. I think the church is onto something. That spirit can get you stoked on just about anything I bet. I think I'll play around with some sermons and see if they don't make badass intros for a meeting or two next week. I recorded the sermon at services this morning on my handy recorder, so maybe I can rework it over the next few days. I think I'm gonna take it easy. The whole trip has exhausted me. I don't think I felt it until yesterday. All the wear and tear just sort of snuck up... and boom! I think another beer or two tonight might be what the doctor ordered. Thank you Silt!

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