Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Biggest Strawberry Ever

You ever notice how the best part of making something is taking it apart? You cook a wonderful dinner, and the satisfaction is in devouring it bit by bit. You make a Lego tower (you're never too old!), and the most satisfying moment is when you deliver that crushing blow that sends the tower to pieces. I've always had this idea that one day I could find some abandoned house that was ready to be torn down, and take a baseball bat to it. Just rip straight through the walls, the windows, the floor. I think it's a natural instinct. I think it has something to do with the growth cycle of farms and even forests. The wildfires are necessary for the new trees to not be overcrowded and have room to grow. It's like the first step to building is tearing down.

I'm in Loxley, Alabama today, home of the Baldwin County Strawberry Festival. Check out this huge strawberry. Again, the food was awesome here. I have to saw, I'm enjoying the house meetings. The  dinners are a whole step up from restaurants. Nothing like some authentic home cooked comfort food.

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