Monday, February 21, 2011

Change of Meeting Location

Got to Edgefield around 10am. Had planned to meet in the back room of a local bookstore on Sweetwater Road. At the last minute my contact, who works at the bookstore, texted me that she didn't realize today was a holiday, and she doesn't have a key to open the bookstore without the owner there. Thank you for offering us your basement (you know who you are!). If you were planning to meet us tonight, you should have received an email this afternoon at about 2:15pm with the address and directions to our new meeting location. Please bring a snack or something to drink as a thank you to the family for so courteously welcoming us into their home! Today was a bit hectic, so nothing too photogenic, but I did get this shot on my way into town.


  1. thanks for being so quick to relocate. the family was wonderful, and i thought the basement was a great setting. loved the meeting. let me know if there's any way i can help.

  2. Sorry to miss the's a long way from Oregon